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REEthink…Entrepreneurial REEsolve

By markwehner - 13th December 2011

According to Webster…”resolve” means to make one’s mind up…to decide.  For entrepreneurs…”resolve” turns into REEsolve.  REEsolve is the entrepreneurial mindset…and DNA trait…that makes the entrepreneur unstoppable. Across the globe…the REEsolve of entrepreneurs has changed history…from the battlefields to the boardrooms…from the garage projects to Wall Street.  It is not just having the vision…or creating a plan…or even taking action.  It is the definitive action of “deciding to do it!”  The very first decisive thought brings about “The Butterfly Effect” globally....

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REEthink…REEassemble your thoughts

By markwehner - 6th December 2011

Every now and then entrepreneurs tend to get hit with challenges that would decimate the faint of heart. Critics can be the largest stumbling block to both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.  To keep things in perspective…critics are those that ride in and shoot the wounded AFTER the battle has been fought.  They blow in typically during the most impossible times…spew their criticisms and negativity…they ride off back to their safe world of self-imposed limitations. Given that…when this happens…and it will happen…understand...

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REEthink…REEflective entrepreneurship

By markwehner - 5th December 2011

REEflective entrepreneurship lies at the heart of all entrepreneurial success stories! For the purpose of this discussion…”REEflective” doe not mean sitting passively…looking back…reflecting on the past.  REEflective does not mean looking within one’s self…taking stock…questioning.  REEflective…as it relates to entrepreneurship…means checking the mirror every time an entrepreneur is faced with a challenge…encounters an opportunity…or needs to find the strength, courage, and vision.  REEflective entrepreneurship…simply stated… means ‘”everything” lies within.  The person looking back at the entrepreneur…the REEflection in the mirror…possesses...

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REEthink…How entrepreneurs REEbound to win

By markwehner - 21st November 2011

Let’s talk basketball…and how the entrepreneurial connection associated with REEbounding and basketball plays a winning role in both arenas. First…the situation… …5 seconds left in the basketball game…time out is called…the home team has the ball and is one point down.  The coach huddles the team to outline the strategy to score the winning basket on the final play of the game.  This strategy will be based on past successes in similar situations.  The play is set…the team takes the...

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REEthink…REEboot your entrepreneurial endeavor

By markwehner - 14th November 2011

Like a computer…sometimes an entrepreneurial endeavor can lock-up.  All the critical information is still there…just unaccessible in the entrepreneur’s present mindset and methodology. So…how does an entrepreneur REEboot their endeavor?  Typically…with an attitude adjustment!  You have to REEbelieve!  When you do that…REEbooting your present operation to create a comeback…or a homecoming of sorts…to the original motives and vision that launched the entrepreneurial endeavor is simply a minor repair procedure. A couple of ways come to mind… …First, the entrepreneur needs...

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REEthink…REEcycling Entrepreneurship

By markwehner - 10th November 2011

Successful entrepreneurs are the masters at REEcycling!  It has been said that history often repeats itself. Given that…REEcycling for the entrepreneur means learning from both past successes and failures…and REEcycling that pool of experiences to solve new problems and move their endeavors…faster and easier…to new heights. When entrepreneurs refer to REEcycling it is not framed in the benevolence of  the natural environment in most cases.  The REEcycling I am referring to is the REEcycling of entrepreneurial mindsets and methods that...

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REEthink…REEposition to expand your entrepreneurial experiences

By markwehner - 4th November 2011

One of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make is to “over-focus”.  They are so intent on keeping their eye on the prize that they often overlook ancillary paths that may have the potential to exponentially benefit their endeavor. Successful entrepreneurs often benefit from REEpostioning their product…message…and energy of their endeavor to target multiple markets.  It just makes good sense to take a solid set of attributes…the product…the message…and again, the energy and maximize their benefits in multiple arenas.  First…it has the...

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REEthink…REEsonate your entrepreneurial passion

By markwehner - 3rd November 2011

One little secret to entrepreneurial success is to always exude…or essentially…positively…REEsonate your entrepreneurial passion in all you do. Since the first motivational speaker expounded upon the statement…”Attitude is Everything”…legions of individuals seeking the secret to success have followed like lemmings to their misfortune.  Attitude is NOT everything!  However…it is a part of the entrepreneurial success equation that has the power turn those tides of misfortune.  From an entrepreneurial perspective…if you JUST have a positive attitude and you do not let...

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REEthink…REEinforce entrepreneurship

By markwehner - 31st October 2011

Entrepreneurs realize the need for perpetual REEinforcement of entrepreneurship and constant improvement in every facet of their endeavor. When an entrepreneur breaks away from the institutional rat race they need to find a way to continually REEinforce the powers and the actions that were present and essential when they decided to take the first steps to control their destiny.  Entrepreneurship is about generating the courage to take the initial risk…to establishing a belief system to follow…to improve…all the way to...

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REEthink…Entrepreneurial REEality check

By markwehner - 24th October 2011

Too often entrepreneurs place passion above common sense.  ”Common sense” in this case is not the ever-destroying belief of the negative crowd of naysayers that fear to risk.  ”Common sense” is an entrepreneurial perspective that incorporates the possibility and need to create a critical mass required to make any entrepreneurial venture sustainable. That being stated…how can an entrepreneur put a REEality check on the passion?  The answer…viable research.  It is much like a scouting report on a competitor.  One must...

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