Economic Survival Series

Our REEsults Coaching Institute’s Survival Series encompasses a unique combination of concepts and winning strategies that can be customized for either entrepreneurial or intrepreneurial coaching programs.

We coach exactly HOW to THINK, ACT and ACHIEVE entrepreneurial success for independent business owners. Our programs also are designed to transplant the very essence of the entrepreneurial spirit, through intrepreneurial coaching, for existing companies and organizations. They create a powerful “ownership attitude” and camaraderie within employees and staff to enhance intrepreneurial accomplishments. This dynamic series has the ability to examine every facet of success from both an entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial perspective. Each session in the series captures and reveals every belief, thought, and action that are the “missing links” in the DNA of successful entrepreneurial endeavors…and companies and organizations that desire exponential intrepreneurial success.



Entrepreneurial Perspectives on Social Media

This segment of our Economic Survival Series examines the key elements of awareness, coaching points, miscues, and mobility issues entrepreneurs will encounter when making social media a key component of their marketing strategy. If you are serious about profiting from your investments in social media…this session is exactly what you need so you can maximize your social media experience.

Prime Directives of Entrepreneurship

This segment of our Economic Survival Series segment identifies 12 “prime directives” that every individual must master in order to outpace the competition. We examine every directive’s function and thought process from an entrepreneurial & intrepreneurial perspective. This session provides an unmatched mental edge when dealing with day-to-day challenges and opportunities.

How to Avoid the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Mistakes

This segment of our Economic Survival Series identifies 10 “mistakes” that can paralyze enthusiastic entrepreneurs, including employees and staff of intrepreneurial companies and organizations. We specifically coach HOW to avoid these mistakes so you can survive the pitfalls and eliminate the desperation experienced by the uninformed entrepreneurs & intrepreneurs. By learning HOW to strategically and tactically readjust your present mode of operations…then applying these coached, proven tactics to focus on business development instead of “brush fire management”…you can stop the drain on your time, energy, and financial resources.

Winning Mindsets of Entrepreneurship

This segment of our Economic Survival Series identifies key beliefs and attitudes required to create and sustain the very essence of entrepreneurship & intrepreneurship! The ability to THINK like an entrepreneur & intrepreneur develops an unbeatable belief in yourself and your abilities.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

This segment of our Economic Survival Series targets 10 “essentials” for entrepreneurial & intrepreneurial success. It examines the fundamental elements of exactly HOW to build a solid foundation in any independent venture or business organization. It develops conviction and purpose…two unstoppable elements…understood and practiced daily in the world of both entrepreneurship & intrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurial Branding Strategies

This segment of our Economic Survival Series reveals key strategies for branding your entrepreneurial venture. From concept-to-world class…you will learn the secrets of successfully branding that are used by the world’s high profile…best known… major brands!

Winning Strategies of Entrepreneurial ACTION

This segment of our Economic Survival Series sets the stage for specific ACTIONS that build the framework and superstructure for entrepreneurial & intrepreneurial success. Focusing on targeted activities…we combine mental toughness, accountability, and risk-taking in a hard-hitting format designed to take you from efficient-to-effective in every aspect of your daily activities.

Winning Strategies of Entrepreneurial ACHIEVEMENT

This segment of our Economic Survival Series segment connects-the-dots between entrepreneurial & intrepreneurial actions and ACHIEVEMENTS. Learning the winning strategies that create targeted accomplishment, developing a unique market presence, handling the obstacles, utilizing the proper technology, and moving beyond your own limitations sets the stage for exponential personal growth and accomplishment!

Key Strategies of Entrepreneurial NETWORKING

This segment of our Economic Survival Series takes networking to new heights for both the entrepreneur & the intrepreneur.   We focus on networking strategies that have been proven over decades of business prospecting.  Then, we expand present networking mindsets to create highly effective,  “profit generating” activities that will take you from “chasing” customers to ”attracting” customers!

Entrepreneurial Perspectives on BUSINESS ETHICS

This segment of our Economic Survival Series offers a candid look into how entrepreneurs navigae the world of business ethics.  From “situational ethical questions” to dealing with the ethical pursuit of gaining a “competitive advantage”…we will reveal exactly how one can gain…and profit from…an entrepreneurial perspetive ethically.


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