“Game Changer” Programs

If you are still CHASING customers instead of ATTRACTING them…you NEED a “Game Changer”!

Since it is usually impossible to out-spend and out-advertise your toughest competition…HOW can you out-pace them in building solid, valuable relationships that are the lifeblood for your future success?  It is REEally simple…you “out-educate” them!  While your competition is “selling”…you are “coaching”!   So…You are now coaching your present client base…AND your prospects to get better at how they run their business  AT SAME TIME!  If your present client base gets better at what they do…it stands to reason that they will need more of your product or services!.  When your prospects experience your “Game Changer” program they will know that you are investing in their future success with exclusive, custom coaching sessions rather than spending dollars on institutional advertising and promotional gimmicks that only serve you…and only work a fraction of the time.


If you are serious about investing your business building advertising dollars rather than spending them…you owe it to yourself to create your very own Game Changer”


“Game Changer”  Programs are the key to creating a positive momentum shift in your business and organizational day-to-day activities!

“Game Changer” programs are customized around the goals and objectives of your target audience.

“Game Changer” reveals the “missing link” connecting the DNA of the entrepreneurial spirit to your prospecting and customer retention activities.

“Game Changer” will reveal an entrepreneurial perspective that will forever impact your personal and professional thought processes.

“Game Changer” implements targeted REEfacts™ from Mark Wehner’s book…1440-Empowering Entrepreneurs Every Minute of the Day to deliver high energy messages designed to move the audience from inertia…to momentum…to new levels of measurable accomplishments.

“Game Changer” is a flexible, flowing format ideal for program times from 20-180 minutes.

“Game Changer” programs include:

  • Economic Survival Series…our exclusive coaching sessions that target “today’s entrepreneurial issues” to create…or in some cases…recreate that “can do” attitude at all levels of your company or organization!
  • REEthink Everything…our inspiring “one-of-a-kind”, laser focused program that affirms and improves your present, solid “business practices” within the framework of innovative, entrepreneurial mindsets and methods!

To learn HOW “Game Changer” can have a positive impact on your customer prospecting and client retention efforts for your entreprenurial endeavor, contact Mark Wehner today!