Chapter President’s Incentives

REEsults Networking™ Chapter President’s Incentives and Responsibilities

REEsults Networking™ will approve all applications for the Chapter President position.  Each applicant will go through an interview/evaluation process with the President of REEsults Networking™ prior to the President’s approval and subsequent appointment to serve as a Chapter President.  The Chapter President is an appointed, not an elected chapter position.  REEsults Networking™ reserves the sole and exclusive right to approve and/or remove an individual serving as Chapter President with or without cause or notice based on the sole discretion of REEsults Networking™.


Chapter President Incentives:

  • Chapter Presidents will receive $50.00 (US) for each new member that has paid their dues in full during their term of office.  To qualify for this recruiting incentive the Chapter President must have recruited 10 new members within 90 days of their installation. This recruiting incentive will be paid out for all new members recruited by the Chapter President after the receipt of the tenth new member’s dues.
  • Chapter Presidents will receive $25.00 (US) for each renewing member that has paid their dues in full during their term of office.  This renewal incentive will be paid out in the month following the receipt of the renewal member’s dues.
  • The Chapter President will be eligible for awards and general recognition at organizational events provided they are in full compliance with the responsibilities set forth herein.
  • Chapter Presidents may serve as Chapter President in more than one chapter.
  • FREE Chapter Membership(s)


Chapter President Responsibilities :   

  • Chapter Presidents will make arrangements for a meeting space, organize meeting dates, set agendas, and to grow their own chapters through personal and chapter member’s recruiting activities.
  • Chapter Presidents will have the authority to create additional revenue with the approval of the chapter for expenses that may include room rentals, food and beverage costs, etc.
  • REEsults Networking™ will provide recruiting assistance including personal, online and event recruiting efforts to support the Chapter President with the membership recruiting process.
  • The first month, (typically four meetings) will be considered the Chapter President’s training period.  Chapter Presidents will be working with REEsults Networking ™ during this period to assure a smooth process in developing and growing the chapter.
  • Chapter Presidents are encouraged to request assistance from any existing Chapter President of another chapter regarding the growth, organization, and administration of their chapter.
  • REEsults Networking ™ will supply the Chapter President with a copies of Mark Wehner’s book:  1440 – Empowering Entrepreneurs Every Minute of the Day to be given to each new member upon joining the chapter.
  • Chapter Presidents will be sure attendance is taken at all meetings. The attendance sheet is to be sent to REEsults Networking ™ no later than forty eight hours after the chapter meeting was adjourned.
  • Chapter presidents will be responsible for coaching their members on the importance of attendance.
  • Chapter Presidents must turn in a roster for their chapter after the last meeting of each month.
  • Chapter Presidents will either appoint or hold chapter elections for the chapter positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  REEsults Networking ™ will assist in the training and education of the chapter officers.
  • Chapter Presidents will track and submit the total number of all referrals generated by their chapter each month.  Referrals reports will be due within 48 hours after the last chapter meeting of the month.