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REEthink…REEwrite history

History is ALWAYS written by the winners!

Over the centuries…the history we learn in school was the information the historians wanted us to have. Historians are typically the survivors.  Those hardy few that weathered the elements…the wars…the plagues and famines…and lived to tell the story.   Historians are appointed by the winners.  Those leaders and rulers of kingdoms wanted their legacy to be in a favorable…and mostly a dominant frame of reference.  Likewise…the losers…of the battles, wars, and elections fell silent because they never had the opportunity to offer up their historical perspective…BECAUSE THEY LOST!

So…how can entrepreneurs REEwrite history?  Entrepreneurs can REEwrite history like no other segment of society.  The the ability to REEwrite history…is the portrayal of history with an entrepreneurial spin.  A spin that might be a “rags-to-riches” story.  It might highlight the ability to overcome adversity…or it could even reveal the failures that led to incredible success.  No matter how history is REEwritten…there is an entrepreneurial lesson in it for every aspiring entrepreneur.   REEwritten history has no filters…no editing by the winners…just the facts…and those entrepreneurial facts are call REEfacts…REEsults Entrepreneurial Facts!   These REEfacts  reflect the very essence of entrepreneurship so future generations of entrepreneurs can learn from both the successes…and failures of those that came before.

Now is the time to REEwrite your history.  What have you learned…and HOW did you fare?

Share…build…and leave a historical legacy for future entrepreneurs to follow!

Here is a classic example of HOW Abraham Lincoln REEwrote history to benefit today’s entrepreneurs:


REEmember…REEthink Everything!


Mark Wehner is a consumate entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of REEsults Coaching and REEsults Networking.  As an internationally recognized public speaker and blogger, he shares his expertise that has spanned over three decades of entrepreneurial business coaching and leadership training successes.     


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