Upcoming Events

THURSDAY EVENING…May 24, 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska…A REEvent for REEsults Networking!

REEvents are entrepreneurial coaching sessions created as an exclusive benefit for the members of REEsults Networking Chapters and their invited guests!

It is an opportunity for our chapter members to participate in entrepreneurial coaching sessions that show them exactly HOW to THINK, ACT, and ACHIEVE like successful entrepreneurs!  It is also a great networking event for the chapter members as they can invite individuals in their centers of influence…contacts that refer business to them…employees of the members…even the member’s supervisors are welcome!  We also encourage chapter members to invite their family members including spouses, significant others and even children that can benefit from learning about entrepreneurial employees perspectives that will benefit all!

If you are a REEsults Networking Chapter Member…see you there!

If not…get in touch with Travis Saint, President of REEsults Networking, at tsaint@reesults.net!

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THURSDAY EVENING…May 31, 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska…GET PAID TO NETWORK with REEsults Networking!

You are invited to attend a one hour session to learn how you can become a Chapter President with REEsults Networking…and get paid to network!

Our program will include and introduction of REEsults Networking demonstrating  why REEsults Networking offers our leadership and members a networking venue unmatched in today’s business networking environment!

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